A Wandering Believer

I love new places. There’s something about making a new place yet another room in a rather large home that makes the world smaller, bit-by-bit.

I’ve moved 48 times in my life, and that doesn’t include smaller trips. While God may one day call me to stop, I don’t see that happening yet. I have more of the world to see and experience, and I hope to continue until I get my fill.

Who knows when that will be? I moved 15 times before joining the military and have moved far more on my own cognizance than Uncle Sam ever moved me.

Unlike other traveling blogs, I won’t be posting from a new country every couple of days. While that sounds fantastic — maybe one day I’ll be doing that — I pretty much stick stateside and travel in spurts.

What I can claim is a lack of single home and a strong thirst for living in new places. Visiting never really does it for me. I like living in new homes and driving new streets — dabbling in new cuisine and trying local nooks the quick in-and-outters never see.

For me, this makes my home territory as broad as this great nation. I travel across the country and rarely stay in a hotel unless on a long job — having friends near every major city in the U.S. has its advantages.

I travel with a love for good food, friends and faith.

I’m learning every day to depend more upon God to direct my steps. I strive daily to let go of ownership of my own life (not to be confused with maintaining adult responsibilities) and trust in Him. To live in the present, prepare for the future while living free of the past.

It’s a tall order, but one every believer can find peace in.

You’re invited along my journey. You’re even welcome to read other things I’ve written at www.Rechabite.com, my old blog. I also blogged briefly at RuleThyself.com, but I’m considering moving those posts over to the Rechabite site as an archive. (Also to save money.)

I’ll post tips and tricks for travel, my food reviews (I do lots on TripAdvisor as a hobby), as well as updates on books I write, voice over jobs I get and other projects I work on.

I love musing on life and I’ve done my fair share of political debate, but I’ve left most political discourse behind. Instead, I focus on economics and liberty. I do advocate small government — put power over people within reach of the people. Makes sense, right?

Thanks for coming along!


Christian Michael


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