Fantastic Nook Serves Great Coffee, Atmo

Stopping in Mobile, Ala., for the morning to do some writing, I landed downtown at Serda’s, a beautiful coffee shop a stone’s throw from the river in downtown. I found a parking spot a half block away — though parking didn’t seem like it would be abundant during busier periods of the day — and parked myself near the big open window. With lots of natural light and a cozy table, I ordered myself a coffee and a muffin.

Have you ever seen “So I Married An Axe Murderer”? It’s a comedy by Mike Myers (Austin Powers, Wayne’s World). At the very beginning of the movie, he’s sitting in this “hip” San Francisco coffee house and is being delivered this ginormous cup of coffee.

That’s what my cup reminded me of — it was very large. The coffee was good, as was the muffin. I sat and wrote in relative peace, despite a busy influx of coffee goers, and enjoyed the abundant natural light and casual atmo of the place.

They have a full alcohol bar on one side and coffee bar on the other, with lots of seats and even a back room for private parties. They really knew how to serve their customer bases. The decor was casual but colorful and the whole thing was very South — that’s good!

Overall, it was a really great coffee stop, one I would love to repeat more often!


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