Tiny Hole in Wall Offers Bountiful Biloxi Breakfast

Blink and you’ll miss it. Stare and you might still, too, but finding this little gem was worth backing traffic on a quiet Sunday morning so I didn’t miss it — and I still missed it enough to have to turn down an alley and drive back to find the place.

In and Out Breakfast is owned and operated by a couple who as of the day after my eating there were cutting back their hours due to health issues and the desire to travel together before either kicks the bucket, and their personality really makes the place come to life.

Hostessed by the lady (I never got their names), she proves a firecracker and fiercely proud of their menu, their portions and that they have one of the highest rated breakfast sandwiches in the state, according to various things she was pointing out on the walls.

I couldn’t find the contest but I did find this article on the place in Mississippi Magazine: https://www.mismag.com/in-and-out-breakfast/.

Myself, being a sometimes-stickler when I walk into a place, I didn’t feel like a sandwich and ordered a large mushroom omelette, which proved very large. It was tasty but not remarkable, though I should like to go back and try out one of those sandwiches.

Overall the experience was great, mostly due to the atmo, in my opinion. I would rather have average food and fantastic wait staff than sumptuous eats and terrible service. But that’s me.

The dining room is very small and there is parking around back, but not much in either.


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