Sit Outside, Enjoy the View, Eat the ‘Cue

This little irreverent barbecue joint is a great stop on the Highway 90 corridor if you’re hungry for good and local, and you can barely get more tasty or local than Slap Ya Momma’s.

I stopped in twice in the past week and was disappointed neither time. I stopped on a Sunday night shortly before closing last weekend and on Sunday lunch this weekend and sat outside to enjoy the beautiful view of the water, which is hardly 200 yards away and impeded only by a rather clean and tidy gas station that isn’t as detracting as one might thing. (See photos)

The place is full of color and character, though parking seemed a bit awkward at times and someone with a red sedan whom I think worked there was parked in a way that almost blocked the entry at opening time.

Service is very polite and generally on point. I ordered chicken fingers, green beans and potato salad my first stop, and a barbecue sandwich and fries on my second. Both meals were delicious. My second waitress recommended the ribs, but I was in an easier-to-handle mood, so I stuck with the barbecue sandwich and cajun fries.

Convenient to Highway 90 (as in, butts against the highway) and the beach, it’s a great stop to scratch that BBQ itch and fill your belly. The decor inside is mostly colored doors and the music is all old jazz and blues — pretty awesome and a departure from so many other restaurants. If you haven’t been here before, it’s time you went!


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