The True Travesty of this Election

Does anyone else see the specific strategy of placing two terrible, easily goaded candidates against each other in the same election? It’s a psychological trick forcing you to prefer one to the other and to ignore the fact that both, at the least, should be disqualified for running for president and, at best, in jail.
Right now both camps have mountains of dirt on each other and wait to release it only to mask the dirt published by their opponent. It becomes such a cacophony of mud-slinging that, in general, the body politick ends up ignoring the “enemy’s” dirt on their preferred candidate.
Were being played, folks.
What makes this worse is that most people are so caught up in the #nevertrump and #neverhillary campaigns that you ignore viable, time-proven candidates like Gary Johnson, dismissing him for simple gaffes that the average American would share and ignoring a desperately needed agenda to stop nation-building, end escalations with Russia, to start fixing our economy and put our own house in order. Never mind that neither him nor Weld have the litany of crimes and legal gray areas bathing Trump and Hillary.
Even Jill Stein could be a better choice than Hillary or Trump — if merely by her honesty — but because of your natural desire to choose one over the other, you only want to prevent the “enemy” from winning, never minding that the same amount of damage to our fair nation is likely under either of the two main party candidates.
The problem continues to deepen as mudfalls of obscenity pours out about Trump’s perversions and Hillary’s illegal activities. You’re too busy defending your candidate AGAINST the other that you gloss over crimes that in any other situation would send you through the roof.
But not today. No. You have to win at all costs. You have to prevent Hillary from winning, so you ignore Trump’s economic and personal immoralities. You claim he’s a Christian and humble? Are you so hateful of Hillary that you will literally vote in this abject liar? Do you think he’s only lying to win the election? Think he won’t lie once he’s in office?
Or how about Hillary’s blatant manipulation of a legal system which should have jailed her months ago. Her collusions with Comey and failures as a secretary of state that is sending the greater body of the FBI into revolt against its own leadership. Protecting her husband from his own long and proven history of sexual assault, making her an accomplice to his crimes. Her manipulation of her party’s selection process to prevent Bernie from being chosen her party’s candidate?
And still, you read this and dismiss these valid concerns because “we can’t let ____ win.”
You’re being puppetted. Or pimped — that might be a more accurate term of how the powers-that-be are using psychology to manipulate how you approach this election.
Meanwhile Russia is preparing for nuclear escalation for our conflicts in Syria, our economy is on the brink of a sharp recession and bills in congress are raping us of natural liberties in favor of corporate cronyism.
But you can’t let ____ win.
Yes, I’m a Gary Johnson fan. No, I don’t have to defend him for immoralities or illegal activities. I don’t have to gloss over crimes and perversions — there aren’t any to defend. I have a successful two-term governor with a track record of honesty, personal excellence and a desperately-needed agenda to end America’s immoral role as the world police. He wants to put our house in order, fix our economy and free the American people to do what we do best — live in liberty.
But even if you don’t vote for Gary Johnson — if you don’t like him, that’s fine — but please, don’t vote for Trump because you hate Hillary or Hillary because you hate Trump. That’s exactly how we’re being played against each other, which means the true agenda at hand doesn’t care which of them get into office, the deeper agendas being played by those behind the curtain continue our escalation of tensions worldwide, collapse of our overclocked economy and an unwillingness to face the true cost of our headlong dive into debt-funded luxuries.
No matter what happens, stop letting people force you to think the way they want you to. Start truly looking at the horror that is Trump and Hillary and be willing to go the route you actually believe in.
Even if that means calling for a vote of no confidence in any candidate and demanding a do-over. I would rather a do-over with a disqualification of both candidates than vote either into office.

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