There is No Love in Law, Only Violence

The more you ask our government to enforce morality and change society, the more problems you will have with police. Remember that every law requires VIOLENCE to enforce. The more laws you create “for a better world,” the more likely this new world will use police to use violence against people for living their natural lives. Whether you want to ban pot and prostitution, or create a society around climate change and transgenderism, any time you use government to force that change, you actually advocate the use of violence against people with whom you disagree.

Organic change (change not enforced by violence) might take longer but is healthier. There is less division and resentment. There is less skewing of integration. While problems and injustices persist during people’s slow pace of change, I would rather convince people through persuasion and incentive than by threat of violence. I believe people will more fully embrace good ideas when they are driven by an incentive (i.e. it’s profitable to work with people of multiple races and genders) than force. Remember that force often incites people to rebel, EVEN FROM GOOD IDEAS!

You can say it shouldn’t matter and that morality should be enforced (not talking about protecting people from rape (etc), but the enforcement of new social norms), but I offer you today’s high tensions from across the political and racial spectrum that force does not work as well as you think it does.

The real unity and change we’re witnessing isn’t coming from police force, but from people choosing to be better than the threat of violence. I’m not villifying police — they’ve been expected to take on all the responsibilities of a growing society and few are properly equipped for it (nor should they be), never mind that some people worship police to the ignorance of their human flaws, with still others hate of police while ignoring the necessity of such enforcers.

In short, remember that every law entails violence. Otherwise the law would be impotent.

Instead, step out and bridge gaps, yourself. Be an example by loving people of all genders, races, politics and personal dispositions. Show love for people, and I guarantee you that you’ll find more in return than the law could ever create.


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